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Towards metallic microstructuring in nanocomposite glass
A.Abdolvand, A Bodlipensky, G.Seifert, H.Graener, 0.Deparis, P.G.Kazansky
Poster.pdf [143k]

Quasi-CW purely rotational stimulated Raman scattering in H2-filled hollowcore photonic crystal fibre
G.Antonopoulos, F.Benabid, J.C.Knight and P.St.J.Russell
Poster.pdf [56k]

Output spectra and longitudinal mode structure of the Raman fiber laser
S.A.Babin, D.V.Churkin, S.I.Kablukov
Poster.pdf [429k]

Cascaded nonlinearity and two-color solitons in photonic band-gap fibres filled with a Raman active gas
F.Biancalana, D.V.Skryabin, D.M.Bird and F.Benabid
Poster.pdf [4.50M]

Design of Photonic Crystal Fibers for Optical Parametric Amplification
Gabriele Bolognini
Poster.pdf [281k]

Extraordinary stability of femtosecond direct written structures
Erica Bricchi and Peter G.Kazansky
Poster.pdf [81k]

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and optical absorption characterization of E'ã centers in silica
G.Buscarino, S.Agnello, R.Boscaino, F.M.Gelardi
Poster.pdf [177k]

Physical Asymmetry of Defects Induced by Femtosecond Laser Irradiation in Silica
François Busque, Suzanne Lacroix, Raman Kashyap, Michel Meunier
Poster.pdf [260k]

Hypersensitisation in germanosilicate optical fibres
Albert Canagasabey, John Canning
Talk.pdf [83k]

Engineering the dispersion of tapered fibres for supercontinuum generation
C.M.B.Cordeiro, W.J.Wadsworth, T.A.Birks and P.St.J.Russell
Poster.pdf [54k]

Optical trapping/tweezing of microscopic objects and atoms
Kishan Dholakia
Lecture.pdf [4.7M]

Raman fiber lasers: breakthrough in laser physics
E.M.Dianov, A.M.Prokhorov

Magnetic Domain Imaging Using Linear and Non-Linear Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy
Wayne Dickson, Satoshi Takahashi and Anatoly V.Zayats
Poster.pdf [158k]

New directions and the future of UV-written technologies
Marc Douay
Lecture.pdf [3.9M]

Supercontinuum Generation in Photonic Crystal Fibre
John Dudley
Lecture.ppt [5.64M]

Changes in etch rate due to hydrogen loading and UV-irradiation in phosphorus-doped fibers
F.Dürr, G.Kulik, H.G.Limberger, R.P.Salathé, S.L.Semjonov
Poster.pdf [255k]

Optical properties of nano-hole arrays in thin metallic films
Jill Elliott, Igor I.Smolyaninov, Satoshi Takahashi, Anatoly V.Zayats
Poster.pdf [991k]

The atom chip
Ron Folman
Lecture.pdf [7.8M]

Lasing in hexagonal molecular sieve waveguide resonators
Poster.pdf [273k]

Polarization mode dispersion reduction in spun silica holey fibres
M.Fuochi, J.R.Hayes, M.N.Petrovich, J.C.Baggett, T.M.Monro, D.J.Richardson
Poster.pdf [348k]

Extreme Nonlinear Optics: Multiphoton X-Ray Photonics and Applications
Emily Gibson, Ariel Paul, Ron Tobey, Nick Wagner, Tim Lei, Ivan Christov, John Gland, Thomas Feurer, Keith Nelson, Henry Kapteyn, Margaret Murnane
Lecture.pdf [4.3M]

High-power ultrafast fiber lasers: new horizons and applications
Anatoly Grudinin, Margaret Murnane
Lecture.pdf [2.4M]

Second harmonic generation from coupled surface plasmon resonances of Au@SiO2 nanoparticles self-assembled on glass
Tomokatsu Hayakawa, Yoshitaka Usui, Yang Yong, and Masayuki Nogami
Poster.pdf [165k]

Fiber Optics for Quantum Computers
S.Helsby, H.F.Powell, P.Horak, B.G.Klappauf, M.Ibsen and P.Kazansky
Poster.pdf [235k]

Effects of interface modes on hollow core photonic crystal fibres
G.Humbert, J.C.Knight, P.St.J.Russell
Poster.pdf [123k]

Coherent octave-spanning supercontinuum generation in a SF6-fiber for a frequency comb around 1560 nm
Holger Hundertmark, Dieter Wandt, Carsten Fallnich, V.V.Ravi Kanth Kumar, A.K.George, J.C.Knight, P.St.J.Russell, Nits Haverkamp, Harald R.Telle
Poster.pdf [530k]

UV-written Bragg gratings
Morten Ibsen
Lecture.pdf [1.2M]

Nonlinear optics in photonic crystal fibers with negative-dispersion slope
N.Y.Joly, A.Efimov, F.G.Ornenetto, A.J.Taylor, J.C.Knight and P.St.J.Russell
Poster.pdf [954k]

100 years of photosensitivity in optical glasses
Raman Kashyap
Lecture.pdf [3.6M]

Breaking the limits in glass: From quantum interference to fs nanostructuring
Peter Kazansky
Lecture.pdf [3.6M]

Aspects of the quantum theory of near-field optics.
Ole Keller
Lecture.pdf [4.1M]

Genetic algorithm: a solution to design photonic crystal fibers
Emmanuel Kerrinckx, Laurent Bigot, Géraud Bouwmans, Marc Douay, Yves Quiquempois
Poster.pdf [55k]

Dispersion and nonlinearity in photonic crystal fibers
Lecture.pdf [5.3M]

Influence of the modulation instability on the formation of supercontinuum in tapered and cobweb fibres
Serguei M.Kobtsev, Serguei V.Smirnov
Talk.pdf [390k]

Tapered dual-core airclad fiber for generation of polarized supercontinuum
Sergei Kobtsev, Sergei Kukarin, and Nikolai Fateev, Vladimir Mezentsev and Sergei Turitsyn
Poster.pdf [421k]

Initial and radiation-induced loss in holey optical fibres with silica core
A.F.Kosolapov, I.K.Nikolin, A.L.Tomashuk, S.L.Semjonov, M.O.Zabezhailov
Poster.pdf [5.68M]

Advances in ultrashort pulse lasers
Peter G.Kryukov
Lecture.pdf [770k]

Room temperature stability of the second order susceptibility induced in thermally poled silica glasses
Alexandre Kudlinski, Yves Quiquempois, Gilbert Martinelli
Talk.pdf [226k]

Radioluminescence and luminescence kinetics of fluoride glasses.
Kurdyavko P.V., Stepanov V.A., Stepanov P.A.
Poster.pdf [117k]

Photosensitivity of H-free Phosphosilicate Fibers
Yu.V.Larionov, A.A.Rybaltovsky, E.B.Ksyukova, V.O.Sokolov, V.G.Plotnichenko.
Poster.pdf [149k]

Visible broadband continuum generation in nano-scale silica-air waveguides
S.G.Leon-Saval, T.A.Birks, W.J.Wadsworth and P.St.J.Russell, M.W.Mason
Poster.pdf [145k]

Are stresses and stress changes in optical fibres the key to understanding the phenomenon of photosensitivity
Lecture.pdf [1.6M]

All solid photonic band-gap fibres
Feng Luan, Alan M.George, P.E.Hedley, D.M.Bird, J.C.Knight and P.St.J.Russell
Poster.pdf [153k]

Poling of glass
Walter Margulis
Lecture.pdf [2.9M]

Ultraviolet-induced absorption during very short continuous exposure in Ge-doped optical fiber
K.Medjahdi, F.Goutaland, A.Boukenter and Y.Ouerdane
Poster.pdf [36k]

Photo-conversion of oxygen deficient Ge-related canters in natural silica
F.Messina, M.Cannas, R.Boscaino
Poster.pdf [194k]

Large core holey fibers with a few air channels in cladding - modelling and experimental investigation of the modal properties
V.P.Minkowich and A.V.Kir'yanow, A.B.Sotsky and I.B.Sotskaya
Poster.pdf [761k]

Spatial manipulation of the valence state of rare-earth ions in macroporous media prepared by a sol-gel method
Shunsuke Murai, Koji Fujita, Kazuki Nakanishi, and Kazuyuki Hirao
Talk.pdf [924k]

Cross comparison between theoretical and experimental modal field patterns in a doped-core microstructured fiber
R.Parmentier, M.C.Phan Huy, G.Laffont, V.Dewynter-Marty and P.Ferdinand, P.Roy, J-M.Blondy and D.Pagnoux, B.Dussardier
Poster.pdf [511k]

Negative refraction opens new doors in optics
John Pendry

Extruded small-core bismuth oxide glass holey fibres
P.Petropoulos, H.Ebendorff-Heidepriem, S.Azimakis, R.C.Moore, K.Frampton, F.Koizumi, T.M.Monro, D.J.Richardson
Talk.pdf [125k]

Femtosecond laser assisted rewriting 3D data storage in composite glass with Ag nanoparticles
A.Podlipensky, A.Abdolvand, G.Seifert, M.Graener
Poster.pdf [102k]

Fundamentals of photosensitivity
Lecture.pdf [3.6M]

Full vectorial modal solutions for photonic crystal fibres by use of the finite element method
B.M.Azizur Rahman, A.K.M.Saiful Kabir, M.Irfan Ahmed, Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, and Kenneth T.V.Grattan
Poster.pdf [207k]

Raman fibre 1 μm => 2 μm converter
A.E.Rakitin, I.A.Bufetov, V.M.Mashinsky, O.I.Medvedkov, A.V.Shubin, S.A.Vasiliev, E.M.Dianov
Talk.pdf [211k]

Quantum information and Wavelength Scale Structures
John G.Rarity

Giant pulses generation with all-fibre Raman laser
G.Ravet, A.A.Fotiadi, M.Blondel, P.Megret
Poster.pdf [121k]

Photonic crystal fibre: the basics
Philip Russell
Lecture.pdf [7.7M]

Laser engineering in nano-structured glasses
Gerhard Seifert
Lecture.pdf [5.9M]

Cascaded nonlinearity and two-color solitons in photonic band-gap fibres filled with a Raman active gas
Dmitry V.Skryabin, Fabio Biancalana, Bavid M.Bird, Fetah Benabid

Radiation and Scattering of Linear Waves and Solitons in Photonic Crystal Fibers
D.V.Skryabin, A.V.Yulin, F.Biancalana, F.Luan, J.C.Knight, N.Joly and P.St.J.Russell
Talk.pdf [964k]

FBG-based asymmetrical off-centred VSB filters for transmission with 0.8 bit/s/Hz spectral efficiency
E.G.Turitsyna, A.Gillooly, V.K.Mezentsev, and S.K.Turitsyn
Poster.pdf [147k]

Investigation into the Photosensitivity of germanium-free antimony codoped alumino-silicate optical fibres
N.Y.Voo, J.K.Sahu, M.R.Mokhtar, D.N.Payne and M.Ibsen
Poster.pdf [168k]

Extruded tellurite photonic crystal fibre
A.Wang, V.V.Ravi Kanth Kumar, Alan K.George, J.C.Knight, P.St.J.Russell
Poster.pdf [182k]

Fibre gratings in sensing applications
David Webb

Quantum Computing using Electron Spin in Group IV Semiconductors
Eli Yablonovitch
Lecture.pdf [1.0M]

Waveguide fabrication in bismuthate glasses using femtosecond laser pulses
Weijia Yang, Erica Bricchi and Peter G.Kazansky
Poster.pdf [79k]

Fabrication of fibre Bragg gratings with 267 nm ferntosecond radiation
K.A.Zagorulko, P.G.Kryukov, Yu.V.Larionov, A.A.Rybaltovsky, E.M.Dianov
Poster.pdf [796k]

Experimental nano-optics: principles and applications
Anatoly V.Zayats
Lecture.pdf [6.1M]